Signs of Autism & Early Intervention

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ABA Programming with Life Strategies is designed to assist children with autism, or other developmental challenges, from the ages of 2.5 years through young adulthood. ABA Therapy is designed to improve communication, develop independence skills, increase academic achievement, develop life skills, enhance social skills, and address any problematic or troubling behaviors. ABA Therapy at Life Strategies is provided in-home or in one of our Blooming Potential Autism and Learning Centers. ABA Therapy is usually provided in 3-6 hour sessions, 3-6 days per week, and is considered an intensive service in many cases. ABA is designed to be effective, collaborative, and fun!

Our ABA teaching team consists of caring and experienced therapists who are dedicated to helping children maximize their potential, starting with our Blooming Potential Early Intervention Program. Children receive one-on-one ABA Therapy at home and/or in our learning centers.

Blooming Potential Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention for autism is important. Our Blooming Potential Autism & Learning Centers, located in Chesterton, Schererville, and South Bend Indiana, are designed for young children who have communication, learning, developmental, and social difficulties. Our mission is to help children with autism bloom by acquiring the skills necessary to live fulfilling lives with their families, friends, and communities. The center is ideal to build necessary prerequisite skills necessary for school success. In our centers, children are instructed in a welcoming classroom setting and participate in group instruction while also receiving one on one assistance. In-home services can also be added to help support learning goals. Contact us if you’re interested in our autism Early Intervention Program!

ABA programs are often used to supplement or replace traditional school-based programs. After a thorough skills assessment, an Individualized Learning Plan is developed by our teaching team. Families are involved in the learning process and receive support and guidance. Program goals emphasize meaningful skills that will enable learners to become independent and successful both now and in the future.

Research has shown that autism early intervention can improve a child’s overall development. Children who receive autism-appropriate education and support at key developmental stages are more likely to gain essential social and life-skills. Life Strategies works closely alongside parents to help them assist their child throughout the developmental stages.

Early intervention is important. Contact us to arrange an ABA intake to see how ABA can help your child.

ABA at Life Strategies

Life Strategies offers several Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program options for children with autism, including high functioning autism (HFA). We provide quality ABA to children across the autism spectrum.

  1. Blooming Potential Early Intervention Program (ages 2.5 – 7)
  2. Full-Time ABA Program (2.5 – late teen years)
  3. Part-Time ABA Program (available as recommended, all ages)
  4. After School ABA Program (school age)

Our ABA autism therapy can occur in-home and/or in our Blooming Potential Autism and Learning Centers. ABA can occur in-home or in one of our centers, or a combination of both. Life Strategies’s Blooming Potential Autism & Learning Centers are located in Chesterton, Schererville, and South Bend, Indiana.

ABA therapy is most effective when delivered 25-35 hours per week. Therefore, children can receive therapy throughout the week both in-home, in-center, and in schools as appropriate and recommended. Life Strategies’s ABA Program is designed to help families and children receive the number of ABA hours that maximize the therapy benefits, therefore, therapy is offered in more than one setting.  Generally, children receive the best results with frequent, dense, and consistent ABA therapy that occurs across multiple environments. The best ABA programs offer the therapy in a variety of settings.