Indiana Waiver

Indiana Waiver Services

The Indiana Medicaid Waiver Program provides funding for home and community-based services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. The Indiana Waiver provides eligible individuals with a set amount of funds to attain services from an approved provider.

Life Strategies is an approved Waiver Provider for the following services in Lake, Porter, St. Joeseph, Elkhart Counties:

1. Behavior Management
Behavioral services provide extra supports needed to improve overall life quality and maximize one’s potential. Behavioral Therapists provide individuals with skills and training to help achieve their goals within their homes, workplaces, and communities.

Behavior Management involves assisting with the following topics: 

  • Safety awareness and wandering
  • Social skills teaching
  • Aggressive behaviors (physical and verbal)
  • Tantrum behaviors
  • Property destruction or mishandling
  • Self-injurious behavior
  • Task refusal
  • Hygiene and toileting
  • Daily living skills
  • Food-related and weight issues
  • Workplace performance
  • Building and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Difficult transitions and changes in routine

Behavior Management services include:

  • A Functional Assessment will be conducted which includes: interviews, assessments, observations, and data collection.
  • A Behavior Support Plan is developed with outlined strategies to help individuals meet their goals.
  • Therapists teach caregivers and team members how to implement behavioral strategies.
  • Data is collected and a quarterly report is provided showing the effectiveness of the strategies.
  • Face-to-face sessions with the behavioral therapist are conducted within the individual’s home, community, day program, workplace, or at the therapist’s office.
  • Visits are conducted frequently as determined by the individual’s waiver budget.
  • Therapists consult with the individual’s waiver support team and attend team meetings to assess the individualized support plan (ISP).

2. Intensive Behavioral Intervention
Intensive behavioral intervention (IBI) is a highly specialized, individualized program of instruction and behavioral intervention. IBI is similar to intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programming and is based on a functional, behavioral, and skills assessment of an individual’s treatment needs.
The primary goal of IBI is to reduce behavioral excesses, such as tantrums and acting out behaviors, and to increase or teach replacement behaviors that are socially valuable to the individual.
IBI programs are intensive with one-on-one direct services provided 20-30 hours per week with a paraprofessional.
A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or IBI Director develops, manages, and trains paraprofessional on the implementation of the programming.

Sessions are conducted in-home and/or in-center. Unfortunately, funding through the Waiver for this service is difficult to attain. If interested in this service, please discuss it with your waiver case manager.

3. Psychological Therapy Services

Traditional therapy services are provided by Licensed Clinical Therapists in a private office setting. Family and/or individual sessions can be provided to help with a wide range of concerns, such as:

  • Depression, anxiety, ADHD, and phobias
  • Trauma or abuse
  • Family or relationship concerns
  • Managing life stressors or decision making
  • Weight loss/gain and addictions
  • Anger and frustration
  • Grief and loss
Indiana provides the following Waiver Programs:

1. Family Support Waiver

Formerly the Support Services Waiver, the FSW is designed to provide limited, non-residential supports to persons with developmental disabilities residing with their families, or in other settings with informal supports.

2. Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) Waiver

CIH is a combination of the Autism and the Developmental Disability Waivers and provides services that enable persons to remain in their homes or in community settings and assists transitions from institutions into community settings. This is a needs-based waiver and is designed to provide supports for persons to gain and maintain optimum levels of independence and community integration while allowing flexibility in the provision of those supports.

For more information on the FSW or CIH Waiver, please visit the Disability and Rehabilitative Services website.

How do I apply for Indiana Medicaid Waiver Services?

As soon as an individual has been diagnosed with a developmental disability, they can begin the enrollment process. Please click on the link below for more information on the process of applying for waiver services.